Argenta invests in KLIFOVET AG

We are pleased to announce Argenta has reached agreement with the shareholders of Klifovet AG.

Founded in 1997 by Dr Klaus Hellman, Klifovet is the leading European Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Regulatory Affairs consultant based in Munich, Germany. Changes in the animal health marketplace, like increased interest in external partnerships and a strong focus on continuous innovation, provide growth opportunities for CROs and CDMOs. Our new acquisition brings added value to customers of Argenta and Klifovet, and the wider animal health industry, through combined knowledge, experience, and expanded global capabilities in product research and development. Klifovet will be a new business unit within the Argenta Group and will continue to be led by Klaus Hellmann, who has also agreed to become a shareholder of Argenta. Klifovet will particularly complement Argenta’s existing Regulatory and Clinical team based in the United States.

More information can be found here: https://www.argentaglobal.com/post/argenta-acquires-klifovet

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