DEFEND Newsletter #5

Read the latest developments in the DEFEND H2020 project

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Welcome to our fifth DEFEND newsletter!
It’s safe to say that 2020 was far more challenging for all
of us due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I extend my
gratitude to the DEFEND Partners for their perseverance
and ingenuity as they adapted to new ways of working.
For example, in this newsletter we explain how we
redesigned our 2020 DEFEND annual consortium
meeting to take place virtually rather than in-person and
DEFEND partner ID-VET describe how they have
employed their expertise in the fight against COVID-19
by developing diagnostic tests for veterinary and human
Thanks to a combination of flexibility, imagination,
patience, and hard work all DEFEND work packages
have continued to execute their research plans during
2020, discovering new knowledge about ASFV and
LSDV. Our recent publications (listed on page 6) provide
a snapshot of our outputs, including research that reveals
the importance of active surveillance of wild boar
carcasses in order to detect and track ASFV, and new
techniques to study LSDV in the laboratory.