KLIFOVET policy for our clients during current Sars-CoV-2 situation

Please see below

KLIFOVET is currently working based on the following principles in order to provide all possible operations and at the same time protect the health of all employees and contacts both nationally and internationally:

For projects NOT involving animals or travel: we try to manage this as planned and you can expect to receive the deliverables on time, unless communicated differently. 
For work involving travel, animals or studies: as travel is limited or prohibited, we will try to work on projects via other means than usual. Where possible, monitoring will be done using other tools for communication (online meetings including camera, telephone calls or conferences etc.) In case we have to care for studies involving animals, we will try to propose the best solution for our clients and mutually agree on the mode of operation. In general, the principles should be: 
  • Start new studies and enroll new animals into studies only, where there is a foreseeable high likelihood that we can complete individual animals successfully with all planned visits. Right now this seems unlikely or is not possible any more, as we experience a significantly reduced number of patients presented to vets and have to consider the safety of people including measures taken to isolate pet owners or put them under quarantine with immediate effect ; this is going to affect all, the teams in study centers, the animal owners and our teams, but also the public.  
  • As further limitation to free movement was imposed by the German government external projects and the above mentioned points are not in our control anymore for the time being. Therefore, we can and want to insist to use the precautionary principle for health for all, people and animals. 

Within ongoing studies, we propose/will 
  • NOT enroll further animals anymore, where there is not a foreseeable high likelihood that we can complete individual animals successfully with all planned visits 
  • try the best for animals already enrolled into studies: we will try to complete such animals per protocol, if at all possible. This may include 
  1. to consider allowing more flexibility for dates of visits (via an amendment) while assuring that we do not get overlaps of visit periods (you may do this via deviations or planned amendments) 
  2. encourage vets and animal owners to assure treatments and observations by either doing visits at home of pet owners or by asking them to bring them along, while not entering the clinic/practice; obviously, standard of care, regulations need to be kept, but pragmatic approaches should be justified. Overall, all regulatory requirements, special focus on the safety of people, will be complied with.
  3. discuss any other options per study, study site and individual to try to maintain animals on study until completion. 

We at KLIFOVET will certainly take all means to assure the safety of our team members and our suppliers teams; in a joint effort, where possible, we try run the agreed services successfully while assuring the health of the involved people. In cases of doubt the health of our employees, suppliers, investigators and all others will guide our decisions. 
For individual discussions on these topics, please contact your project leader, the head of departments at KLIFOVET or Management. As most of us may be working from home, please use the mobile numbers of your contact partners.  

Obviously, we will use the time to prepare all studies as planned to re-start or start later this year. 
Wish us all to get well through this crisis and finally can travel and meet safely in the near future. 

All the best, 
The Klifovet Team