KLIFOVET Webinar: Union Product Database – Management and Technical Solutions for Veterinary Medicines

Webinar: July 06, 4pm-5pm CET

The Union Product Database (UPD) for veterinary medicinal products serves as a single source of information on all authorized veterinary medicines and their availability in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) Member States. Delivery of the Union Product Database is required by the Veterinary Medicines Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/6), which became applicable on 28 January 2022.
While each country has so far interpreted the data of its registered medicinal products individually, animal health companies are now required to assure that the data uploaded by national competent authorities in a first step, are compliant with the current requirements; this means to assure their product data to comply with all requirements in the UPD. Therefore, the companies are faced with the challenges of data cleansing and the permanent maintenance of their registrations within the UPD.
EXTEDO, a leading provider of Regulatory Information Management systems and KLIFOVET, an international full-service Contract Research and Development Organization (CRO), based in Munich, for the animal health and nutrition industry, invite you to their joint webinar “Union Product Database – Management and Technical Solutions for Veterinary Medicines”. During the webinar, we will show you what the data collection process looks like, where life science organizations face problems and how the data management might be handled in the future with a suitable software solution.

During our webinar we will discuss:
  • The general background of UPD and where it comes from
  • Which problems do life science organizations like yours face in the implementation of UPD for veterinary medicines
  • How a software solution could look like via a suitable API interface
  • The impact of the UPD on DADI
Additionally, we will show you how EXTEDO’s registration management solution MPDmanager powered by CARA can help collect and manage all required product information.

  • EXTEDO & KLIFOVET Company Overview
  • General introduction and instructions for the use of UPD/SPOR/IRIS
  • Where do we come from? Lessons learned from the Human Industry
  • Demonstration of MPDmanager powered by CARA
  • Q&A Session

Our 2 speakers Dr. Cornelia Hüttinger, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Klifovet, and Dr. Anna Thaidigsmann, Regulatory Business Consultant at EXTEDO, will guide you through the webinar. Due to their many years of experience in the field of life science and regulatory affairs, and their cooperation with global life science organizations in both human and veterinary medicines, they know about the challenges of new regulations and the tips and tricks they can use to support companies in implementing them.

DATE » 06.07.2022


LOCATION » Online Webinar 4-5 pm CET

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