KLIFOVET Online Trainings 2020: now on demand!

Because of the great feedback on our online version of our yearly VICH GCP Workshop we decided to provide more educational online trainings throughout the rest of 2020. Starting on July 14th, we provided the below topics on a biweekly basis. Write to: daniel.niedermaier@klifovet.com if you are interested to watch one or more Trainings on demand!


1. The new Regulation 2019/6: Changes to come by Klaus Hellmann
2. Remote monitoring of veterinary clinical studies according to VICH GCP by Miriam Rutz
3. Quality assurance and audits in veterinary clinical studies by Claudia Laskowski
4. Pathway to EU market for veterinary medicinal products by Regina Wolf
5. Veterinary Clinical Studies: Test products & test permits incl. GMO by Klaus Hellmann
6. Veterinary Diagnostics - Pathway to EU market by Cornelia Hüttinger
7. Examples of Novel therapies: Bacteriophages and Stem Cell Products by Anne Wünsch
8. Veterinary Pharmacovigilance - Good PhV practice and PhV Master File by Julia Hunte
9. Examples of borderline products: Microbiome-shaping products by Sabine Richter
10. Experiences with Electronic Data Capture systems by Katharina Hiemer
11. Animal Welfare in veterinary preclinical and clinical studies by Klaus Hellmann

DATE » 08.05.2021 - 31.07.2021


LOCATION » On Demand

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